Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

Happy new year!

Hello everybody ^---^

First I wish you all a very beautiful and happy new year, I hope you had a good start :)
Where to begin?...ah, yes, there was something before..Christmas, right ^^".

I prepared so many presents for my friends and family months ago and now everything's over so fast again. Anyway I've the feeling that I also got a lot stuff this year o.o Thankies to everyone again <3

Some of the presents I got...

..did I mention that I love Yoshi? ^^"
..Pokemon, yeah, in this case I will never grow up.. but the new games are still very good and become better I think.
..two Angelic Pretty accessoires, the beautiful Tokimeki ring and the necklace, which fits perfectly to Fancy Paper Dolls *--* aren't they adorable?

Also I got this Sonata Arctica ticket for their 2015 tour. Awww x.x I cried XD. It was one of my purposes for the new year to see them again. If possible two times, I'm so happy to see them in May :) Again in Matrix in Bochum where I saw them last year.

All in all it was a very emotional Christmas this time o.o I spent it with my bf and family and we had a really beautiful time together. Thank you ♥
From the second Christmas day up to New Year's Eve my boyfriend and I went to his family to Brandenburg. It was a short but itensive time I think. It was a bit hard for me this time to leave them, but of course on the other hand I'm glad to have my family around me again and to be back in my own flat :)
I hope you also enjoyed the holidays ^---^.

At the beginning of my vacations I was on a small Lolita meeting with Kim in Bielefeld. I met a few really nice girls and enjoyed the time a lot <3. Also it was beautiful to wear Lolita again after long time.

What I wear ^--^"
picture by AP

And my last point for todays' entry: Angelic Pretty again xD *-*
 I was so lucky to grab finally two of their Lucky Packs *---* I directly fell in love with the Cotton Candy Shop print when I saw it. It's so suuuuper cute >__< <3 I ordered the JSK and salopette set. I hope they'll arrive soon *--*

Puhh, rather long entry for me XD I wonder if anyone read it 8) 
 Now are just two days left to school >__< But I don't want to think about it yet..

I wish you all a wonderful evening and a good start back to work/ school..whatever.

See you soon ^---^



  1. Huhu!
    Ein Yoshi wollte ich auch schon immer xD aber ein schwarzen, höhö...
    Wie kommts, dass du jetzt auf englisch schreibst? :)


    1. Hey,
      yay ein schwarzer Yoshi fehlt auch noch in meiner Sammlung 8)
      Ach, es fördert einerseits einfach mein Englisch, wie ich finde XD und für eveeentuelle internationale Leser :)

      Liebe Grüße ^---^-