Montag, 25. Mai 2015

DoKomi 2015~

Hey everyone ^--^

Last Saturday Kim and I went to the DoKomi in Düsseldorf :). We were part of the Japanese streetfashion show this year, so we had to drive veery early to be punctual for the practice, but it was a lot of fun with her :D it was my first time and I hope I did my job...okay XD.

Next I'll show you my haul of the day♥:

▪ Heart ring from Meltychocolatemoon. Visit her! :) She was such a cutie and had different also cute jewerly which is handmade. The ring is very glittery *--*
▪ My Sweet Piano handyaccessoire ^~^
▪ Little cute bunny pendant by Amuse
▪ Tarepanda notepad ♥
▪ Sumikko Gurashi tape~
▪ Kirby plush :DD I love Kirby! I thought 10€ are really OK for a Nintendo original :)
 ▪ different hair accessoires and pins from Lolitabutiken ^-^-
▪ Wooly premium plush by Amuse; it's so damn cute and cuddly and FLUFFY.♥♥♥

Actually I didn't wanted to buy plushies at the DoKomi this year..but I couldn't resist Kirby and this adorable sheep xD In the end I got everything I wanted, especially the hairpins <3.

Of course I didn't photograhped the DoKomi itself again ^^""" (maybe next year? xD"")..but Kimi and I did some photos of ourselves which I show you now ;3

the colors of our dresses matched sooo well~ <3 & I just loooove her Twinkle Constellation ♥

 Later I realized that it was my first time going out in a JSK o.o I loved it ! <3

Thank you for this wonderful day Kimi :) I enjoyed it really a lot and took my daily stress a bit away.
Hab dich lieb ♥ *hugs* <3
I hope everyone of you had a beautiful weekend too :) Also I'm having my hands on a dream dress of mine x...x but more when I'm really having it. 

See you all hopefully soon~!



  1. Du hast ja richtig niedliche Sachen erbeutet ^_^ Würde auch gerne mal eine große Shopping-Tour durch die Dokomi-Stände starten, aber dafür müsste ich erstmal hin! Dein Outfit ist im übrigen unheimlich süß!

  2. Ach seht ihr niedlich aus!
    Und ein Kirby <(^.^<)