Montag, 25. Mai 2015

DoKomi 2015~

Hey everyone ^--^

Last Saturday Kim and I went to the DoKomi in Düsseldorf :). We were part of the Japanese streetfashion show this year, so we had to drive veery early to be punctual for the practice, but it was a lot of fun with her :D it was my first time and I hope I did my job...okay XD.

Next I'll show you my haul of the day♥:

▪ Heart ring from Meltychocolatemoon. Visit her! :) She was such a cutie and had different also cute jewerly which is handmade. The ring is very glittery *--*
▪ My Sweet Piano handyaccessoire ^~^
▪ Little cute bunny pendant by Amuse
▪ Tarepanda notepad ♥
▪ Sumikko Gurashi tape~
▪ Kirby plush :DD I love Kirby! I thought 10€ are really OK for a Nintendo original :)
 ▪ different hair accessoires and pins from Lolitabutiken ^-^-
▪ Wooly premium plush by Amuse; it's so damn cute and cuddly and FLUFFY.♥♥♥

Actually I didn't wanted to buy plushies at the DoKomi this year..but I couldn't resist Kirby and this adorable sheep xD In the end I got everything I wanted, especially the hairpins <3.

Of course I didn't photograhped the DoKomi itself again ^^""" (maybe next year? xD"")..but Kimi and I did some photos of ourselves which I show you now ;3

the colors of our dresses matched sooo well~ <3 & I just loooove her Twinkle Constellation ♥

 Later I realized that it was my first time going out in a JSK o.o I loved it ! <3

Thank you for this wonderful day Kimi :) I enjoyed it really a lot and took my daily stress a bit away.
Hab dich lieb ♥ *hugs* <3
I hope everyone of you had a beautiful weekend too :) Also I'm having my hands on a dream dress of mine x...x but more when I'm really having it. 

See you all hopefully soon~!


Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

DoKomi 2015 coord ♪ ♥ ~

Hey ^--^
I just wanted to make a short post about my Dream Fantasy JSK coord for the DoKomi next saturday <3.

I'm looking forward the fashion show and having a nice shopping day with Kimi! I'm getting more excited by every day ^^.
Hope to see you all soon~
Michelle :)

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Lolita haul~ ♥

Hey everyone ^--^
Here are some of my new lolita items I bought in last time :) Especially I bought a lot rings, but not all have arrived yet ^^.
Angelic Pretty Toy Fantasy Elephant ring ♥
It's probably the most expensive ring I ever bought, but it's hard to find & I think it's veeery cute >_< Now I have the Lyrical Bubble Bunny and the Elephant of this series. Maybe I will get the Giraffe one day, too. I'm very proud of owning it :33~

Angelic Pretty Enchanted Castle ring ♥
Found this little piece on ClosetChild on sale~  I just love it. Especially the ring itself is so very cute with the glitter and stars in it. It'll fit very well to Dream Fantasy which I'll wear on the DoKomi fashion show ^--^

Dollhouse Honeymoon Cake ring ♥
This lovely cake ring I bought from my friend Kim :) I love how the pink ring matches the yellow cake ^~^ Also it has some glitter and hearts on top.
Look at this little adorable spoon ~ <3

Bodyline PAN048 petticoat ♥
I was looking for a petticoat with not so much poof for salopettes. So I ordered this from bodyline :3 I like the colorway ^--^ It's not that dark as it looks in the picture xD

Bodyline PAN028 bloomers ♥
This bloomers I ordered together with the petticoat. The petticoat alone doesn't weight enough for the free airmal xD So I took this also. For both I paid less than 20€ I think. That's a very good price for these two items ^--^
That's all for now.
Thanks for looking and have a nice day! ^.^