Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Clobba Review ♪

Hey ^--^
Today I will show you super lovely shoes which arrived me today ♥.
About three weeks ago Martin from Clobba send out my purchase.
Let's take a look at what I've got~

I ordered a pair of Tea Party shoes from Secret Shop in light pink.
Here are some pictures while unpacking the box (which was very exciting :D):

As you can imagine, the shoes were veeery carefully packed. So I coudn't find any flaws.

And tadaaa~ :

Aren't they pretty? ^---^ I just fell in love with them and they fit perfectly!

I will order from Clobba definitely again, Martin answered all my questions quit easy (and I really had a few XD) and the whole order were frictionless :)

Actually I was very stressed because of the French exam tomorrow, but now I'm a bit happier :) And no I have to study a bit more .__. 

I wish you a pretty evening ^--^ Next time I will show you other things which I've got. Also my first Lolita meeting is quite near
See you all soon ^---^-/))



  1. Antworten
    1. Hey,
      ja zur Zeit leider schon .__. Das stimmt.
      Hab' grad viel Schulstress um die Ohren x.x Mir kommt es vor, als würden wir nur noch Klausuren schreiben XD.
      Ich werde demnächst, sobald ich mehr Zeit finde, wieder was posten.

      Danke für deinen Kommentar *knuff* ^--^

      Liebe Grüße!

  2. Die sind ja wirklich zuckersüß *_* Würde ich auch tragen!