Montag, 30. März 2015

Blaa :3~

Hello everyone out there ^__^
Holiday starts today! But they are my last one >__< school's over soon, after these two weeks our final exams are waiting for us x.x Wish me luck, I really need it XD The pre-exams went out rather okay. That means for me I have to learn a lot again, but there are many other things I have to do in the vacations 8) for example to tidy my flat :'D.
 Next saturday I'm going to Düsseldorf with some good friends, we will visit the Sakura festival.
I wasn't there before and I'm not sure at all what the programm will be, but I'm really looking forward to it. It's always special to meet the girls, so I'm sure it'll be an awesome day ^~^
Do you know the Sakura festival in Düsseldorf? Or maybe you are also there? :'3
I still work on completing my lolita wishlist (it's impossible XD). I bought an other dress from it. It's the Little Bear's Cafe JSK in pink from Angelic Pretty. I'm too lazy to upload photos by now XD, but it's very PRETTY and I really love it. It's much more beautiful I thought it could be >3< I hope there will be some events/meetings I can wear my new dresses soon *--*
What I also want to do in the Easter holidays is to work over my blog :) I would like to change and renew some things ^~^

That's all from me for now, I hope weather gets better soon, the sun shines but it's sooo windy >__<
Wish you all a beautiful day!~

Edit: Das Sakura Festival wurde auf den 25.04. verschoben, des Wetters wegen ._.


  1. Ich wünsche dir sehr viel Glück für deine Prüfungen und viel Spaß auf dem Festival. ♪