Montag, 9. März 2015

Sing child~ ♫ lolita stuff and so ♥

Hello everybody ^__^
Today I'll show you some of my new lolita items I recieved in the last time <3
While selling some of my lucky pack items ^^"(So actually my lolita wardrobe grows and shrinks at the same time :'D) I bought, I think I could say, one of my absolute dream dresses >__< It is "Dream Fantasy" from Angelic Pretty. I really adore this print, it's so super cute and just beautiful to me <3. I owned the salopette of this print some years ago, it was my first lolita item ever, but didn't keep it. I love the print, but hard to say, just don't on the salopette XD So I'm very happy to have Dream Fantasy as JSK now <3. 


 pretty, isn't it? ♥
Further I was looking for a nice short sleeved blouse in white, and tadaa~ I found one at "Kleiderkorb" :) You can put the sleeves off and also the bows are detchable~ The golden heart buttons are really cute.♥

And the last item for today is my Milk-chan pochette from Baby the Stars shine bright, it is SO unbelievable CUTE Q__Q <3 I'm so happy that I decided to buy it, it was a rather spontaneous decision.

 I'm so in love with this little bunny x'D <33
What do you think about my new stuff ? ^---^ All in all really cute or? <3

Today I made a outfit photo of myself XD I thought may it would be interesting to see how I look outside of lolita ^^"

In proper style a mirror picture :'DD"

So whatever XD, the last thing I will share with you today is a wonderful song. I really really love this version and also Alexander's voice. I'm looking forward a ASP concert in october *--*

ASP - Werben

enjoy it!


  1. Das Kleid ist so schön, vor allem in rosa *////* freut mich, dass du es nun besitzt. ^_^

    1. Hey ^--^
      Jaa, das ist es <3 Danke dir >3<

  2. Schöne Sachen <3 ich habe auch das eine oder andere, aber so richtig vollständig ist noch kein Outfit :/ bald hoffentlich :)

    1. Hey ^--^
      Vielen Dank! :)
      Auch Lolita Sachen? *--* Na ja, ich bin auch noch neuer in der Mode, daher habe ich auch noch nicht so ganz soviel xD Aber es wird :D